The integrated genomics of crop domestication and breeding

May 27, 2022

In this review, Huang X. et al. focus on the novel genomic methods that "have advanced the understanding and capacity to manipulate plant genomes to accelerate future crop domestication and breeding needed to address the looming challenge of global food security ".

"As a major event in human civilization, wild plants were successfully domesticated to be crops, largely owing to continuing artificial selection. Here, we summarize new discoveries made during the past decade in crop domestication and breeding. The construction of crop genome maps and the functional characterization of numerous trait         genes provide foundational information. Approaches to read, interpret, and write complex genetic information are being leveraged in many plants for highly efficient de novo or re-domestication. Understanding the underlying mechanisms of crop microevolution and applying the knowledge to agricultural productions will give possible solutions for future challenges in food security. "

Huang X. et al. The integrated genomics of crop domestication and breeding, published online, Cell, May 27, 2022