NASA Announces $4 Million STEM GRANT recipients and $5 Million to Women’s Colleges

June 23, 2023

In an effort to support scientific research alligned with NASA's priorities and tackle STEM Gender Gap differences, NASA announced the award recipients of the Stem Grants ($4 Million) and the awards to seven Women's Colleges and Universities ($5 Milion), part of a Biden/Harris initiative.

40 research projects from 21 universities/colleges within the USA were awarded for the Stem Grant.

"By providing resources to STEM research, NASA helps create a stronger and more vibrant scientific community to drive innovation and push the boundaries of what is possible in space exploration."

Source and Credits, June 23, 2023: "NASA Awards $5 Million to Women’s Colleges Tackling STEM Gender Gap"; NASA, Katherine Brown and Derrol Nail;;

7 Women's Colleges and Universities received $5 Million. These prizes "seek to address the significant national gender gap and disparate experiences of women in STEM in the United States, both in higher education and the workforce" and were "created in response to the White House Executive Order 14035 “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce”".

Source and Credits, June 7, 2023: "NASA Awards $5 Million to Women’s Colleges Tackling STEM Gender Gap", NASA, Katherine Brown;;;