NASA Grants Propel Advancements in Moon to Mars Space Exploration

May 3, 2024

NASA has allocated close to $1.5 million to academic, non-profit, and commercial entities to advance cutting-edge technology critical for the agency's lunar return under Artemis and subsequent Mars missions.

Under NASA's Dual-Use Technology Development Cooperative Agreement Notices (CANs), 24 projects from 21 organizations have been selected to receive funding. Additionally, awardees will benefit from the expertise of propulsion, space transportation, and scientific specialists at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Daniel O'Neil, manager of NASA Marshall's Technology Development Dual-Use CAN Program, highlighted the collaborative nature of the initiative, stating, "The Dual-Use Technology Development Cooperative Agreement Notice allows NASA to collaborate with U.S. industry and academia in developing essential technologies." These cooperative agreements are pivotal in addressing technology gaps and facilitating the development of components and systems integral to NASA's lunar and Martian exploration endeavors.