Exceptional Success in Late-Stage Trial for Tumor-Killing Viruses

December 05, 2023

Oncolytic viruses, once seen as a promising frontier in cancer therapy but historically disappointing, are generating renewed interest following preliminary results from a small phase 3 study. 

Presented at a recent conference, the data revealed that CG Oncology's oncolytic virus successfully eradicated tumors in 64% of 66 patients with bladder cancer resistant to conventional treatment. While the follow-up period was limited to six months and further research is essential, the positive phase 3 outcome has significant implications for the field. Surgical oncologist Omeed Moaven of Louisiana State University Medical Center acknowledges that such results have the potential to "shake the world of oncolytic viruses." 

If subsequent research confirms these early findings, the oncolytic virus could secure regulatory approval and become the second approved treatment of this kind in the US, marking a milestone and bolstering numerous ongoing trials in the pursuit of effective cancer treatments. Success would also validate the approach of triggering an immune response against tumors, rather than solely targeting malignant cells directly.

SOURCE: https://www.science.org/content/article/tumor-killing-viruses-score-rare-success-late-stage-trial