Science: 2022 Breakthrough of the Year : a new space telescope with a spectacular debut

December 19, 2022

The U.S. President, Joe Biden, revealed the first image of the newly "miraculous" launched telescope, JWST, which was build by NASA in collaboration with European and Canadian space agencies, reaching a cost of about $10 billion over a 20 years period. JWST is revolutionizing cosmic imaging and was selected by Science  as Science's 2022 Breakthrough if the Year.

"With the largest mirror ever flown in space and a suite of instruments sensitive to infrared light, JWST will peer further into the past than any predecessor, including the much smaller Hubble Space Telescope".

Science’s 2022 Breakthrough of the Year: A telescope’s golden eye sees the universe anew 

by Daniel Clery / Science News / December 19, 202