New FDA and Academic Studies Confirm Pasteurization's Efficacy in Neutralizing H5N1 Bird Flu in Milk

May 02, 2024

During a press briefing, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials reported that thorough testing of pasteurized commercially purchased milk and other dairy products from 38 states yielded no traces of live H5N1 bird flu virus. These results align with previous testing on a smaller scale, providing further evidence to support the FDA’s conclusion that pasteurized milk products remain safe for consumption, despite the widespread outbreak of H5N1-infected cows.

Donald Prater, acting director of the FDA’s Center of Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, emphasized the significance of these additional findings, labeling them as preliminary results that reinforce the safety of the U.S. commercial milk supply. This announcement aims to reassure consumers about the safety and integrity of dairy products available in the market, particularly amidst concerns surrounding the transmission of diseases like H5N1. The FDA's commitment to rigorous testing and monitoring underscores its dedication to ensuring the health and well-being of the public.